Proviva Pharma Journey from the Start

Our Story

Our story starts in Montreal, Quebec the most vibrant Canadian city and the global leader in technology, pharmaceuticals, artificial intelligence, and more…

Our Path and Goal

We’ve established number of national and international collaborations in order to understand the health needs of people world-wide, and as our goal is to become world leader in Microbiome, Probiotics and other health products. Therefore, we are engaged in:

  1. Developing and marketing innovative probiotics for heart health, gastrointestinal diseases, bone, obesity, metabolic disease and others.
  2. Understanding role of microbiome in health and diseases and focused on human and livestock health through the microbiome.
  3. Stimulating healthy living and promoting active life, aging and longevity through microbiome.
  4. We in Provivapharma and our partners in research and manufacturing sectors, aim to push the limits of understanding health.
  5. We thrive to develop and provide next-generation therapeutics that are active, effective and affordable.
  6. We work with partners and always welcome global partnership in research, manufacturing and distribution of our current and future products.

Our Vision and Our Mission

Building a healthy environment that supports development for the community and people

Our mission is to develop and distribute the most effective means for healthy living by re-establishing the balance of the gastrointestinal microflora.

Todays’ diet and lifestyle has greatly reduced the complexity of our gut microflora as increasing populations of pathogenic bacteria are feeding on the over-consumed simple sugars at the expense of fiber-feeding probiotic bacteria. This imbalance rears several whole-body physiological imbalances that ultimately lead to disease development:

  • Reduced immunity
  • Pro-inflammatory state
  • Dysregulated neurological signaling
  • Reduced bile metabolism
  • Reduced insulin sensitivity
  • Increase circulating blood glucose and triglycerides
  • Reduced breakdown of obesity-caused fats
  • Heightened cholesterol levels
And to succeed in our mission we took the following Approaches:
Whole-body health :

At Proviva Pharma, we believe that a healthy constitution begins in the gastrointestinal tract. Hence, it is our vision to develop ways to heal whole-body chronic diseases by re- establishing a healthy homeostasis in the gastrointestinal microflora.

Advance medical paradigms :

We seek to advance the modern medical paradigm of disease development by understanding the mechanisms of microflora-derived communication with the host. Implementing these mechanisms, we will evolve aspects of the gut microflora and their host-communication as therapeutic targets for disease.

Alleviate chronic disease :

The influence of gastrointestinal health reaches much further than our intestines. A healthy microflora impacts cardiovascular health, cancer development, neurological health, the development and integrity of our immune system, bone health and virtually every aspect of our longevity and healthy aging. Currently, it is accepted that a healthy gut is imperative to maintain overall vitality, but the power of utilizing the gut microflora as a preventative and therapeutic agent is still relatively untapped. At Proviva Pharma, we seek to realize the potential of our microscopic gastrointestinal inhabitants in healing chronic diseases.

What the Media Wrote About Our Research?

On 16 Jun 2018 The Canadian Newspaper wrote about our research with the headline “GUT INSTINCT Could taking this supplement and Indian herbal remedy help you live to 100? Combination could boost your lifespan, new study finds. The combination was found to boost a fruit fly’s lifespan by 60%

You can read the full article here…

The Man Behind the Story

Professor Satya Prakash Professor for the Biomedical Engineering, who was always been interested in artificial cell, microbiome, probiotics, microencapsulation, nanomedicine, regenerative medicine, biomaterial and medical device engineering, cell therapy, cell and tissue engineering, and innovative biomedical technology developments. In recent years, his team has contributed to the advancement and development of probiotics for human health, bioengineered delivery systems, targeted controlled-release delivery systems, targeted drug delivery systems and cell delivery systems.
Specialties: Biomedicine, biomedical engineering, microbiome, microencapsulation, probiotics, artificial cell, drug delivery, nanomedicine, regenerative medicine, nanotechnology, wound healing, medical device, bioengineering.

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