Probiotics Can Be Used by Several Industries to Increase Market Value

Probiotics have shown to be valuable for a variety of industries including dairy, pharmaceutical, animal and other health sectors. The production of high-quality probiotic products can increase market value and revolutionize several industries.

The global market for industrial probiotics is projected to reach 3.5 billon dollars (USD) by 2026. Increasing use of Lactobacilli strain in dairy products is expected to fuel the industry, followed by Bifidobacterium, Streptococcus, Bacillus and other strains. Humans and animals are the main end-users of the probiotic market. More specifically, digestive diseases are a leading cause of probiotic supplement consumption. Similarly, animal end products such as animal feed will remain strong in the market.

Overall, the production of novel probiotic formulas made using highly active and stable strains for a wide range of industry applications will drive the future of probiotics.

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